In our increasingly mobile and changing world, how can we use the principles of camouflage to conceal ourselves to the point of canceling out our own human footprint? How can we use sound to heal the harm that humans have caused to our natural world? How can we conceal ourselves to the point of canceling out our footprint sonically?
For thousands of years animals have evolved and developed camouflage to become less noticeable. Today we struggle with privacy. The Sonic Invisibility Cloak masks the human audio trace through a wearable device that samples its surroundings and plays the sounds back in real time, adding sound to cancel out the sonic footprint of the user.
The cloak is made from 22 gauge bronze and brass which house speakers and a Bela Board. The Bela Board runs Pure Data which allows the microphone and speakers to sample and play back sound in real time. The Sonic Invisibility Cloak was made in partnership with Hyundai.

A button on the invisibility cloak motions the cloak to record. Once the button is pressed, it records a 5 second sample of the surroundings through a microphone that is facing outward nestled inside one of the bronze spacers. It then plays that sample out through the first speaker. It allows a 10 second buffer, and then records another 5 second sample on a microphone on the opposite side to play out the second speaker.

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