Luna Light is a captivating art piece to adorn a home, workplace, or community gathering place. This dynamic chandelier provides its users with warm ambient light that shifts in response to local tidal data. Luna Light uses an Arduino to access the live tidal data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and responds accordingly. Luna Light is made of base metals referencing the ancient moon, Earth, and comets. The core of the structure is a spherical light surrounded by a metallic helix. The helix is adorned with intricately cut metal moths made from 22-gauge bronze, brass, and copper. The metal moths are attached to the helix, seemingly playful, as if they are floating around the spherical moon-shaped light. Luna Light pulses, breathes, and shifts from moment to moment - celebrating our symbiotic relationships with each other and our universe. 
In our modern-day society, we often feel detached from the natural rhythms constantly in motion around us. We increasingly mark our days based on work schedules and global economies, using days, hours, and deadlines as measurement. Luna Lamp brings the earth’s natural rhythms back into our everyday life, reminding us of our deep connection to our universe. The lighting is designed to draw attention to the tidal rhythms driven by the moon. In Luna Light’s presence, it is hard not to be affected by the brightness of Luna Lamp at high tide, and the smooth shadows Luna produces at low tide. 
The metallic moths are a key element in the piece. The earliest fossils of moths are thought to be 190 million years old. Moths are everywhere - so small, so delicate - and are drawn to the light of the moon to navigate. In folklore, white moths typically symbolize protection and love, while black moths symbolize mystery and spirituality. Many cultures view moths as a reminder that their ancestors are present.
Luna Light uses an Arduino to access live local tidal data acquired from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and respond accordingly. The lamp needs to be calibrated to local tidal data. Once the light is calibrated to the local tidal data, it runs seamlessly on its own. This piece uses a two-channel LED Light Dimmer Phase Voltage controller for Arduino to dim the light. The LED light dimmer and Arduino are hidden in the light switch at the base of lamp. ​​​​​​​
We have become separated from our Earth’s natural rhythms in our everyday lives, and this has led to a disconnect between our bodies and our planet. We often feel small, and when faced with planetary challenges, we feel insignificant and powerless. Yet, we all share this planet, and all pulse with life. Through illuminating the earth’s pulse of the tides, Luna Light brings people together in conversation, meditation and thought. Like moths to flame, through awareness and connectedness we can make better choices for our planet and our relationships, and ultimately harness the power of collective action towards a better world.

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