People are invisible all over the world for a variety of reasons: some by choice, some by necessity. We all have parts of us we want or need to be invisible- be it our sexual preference, our race, our income. The list is endless.
Invisible is a campaign that places interactive translucent sculptures all over the world for people to contribute their inner invisibilities to, and to be empowered by the sharing of others. This human silhouette asks a question etched on its heart, “What makes you feel invisible?” Scribble your answer on a piece of paper and drop it into the sculpture. As the sculpture fills with thought donations, the sculpture itself becomes more visible.
Some sculptures will also allow you to take out someone else’s invisibility while you are adding your own, increasing your awareness of the struggles of others in your area. Each sculpture can also be emptied when full, and its invisibilities posted anonymously online in a broader web campaign. The more people who donate their invisibilities, the more empowered the campaign becomes.
We all struggle out of fear of our differences, and ignoring our social injustices comes too easily to us. Only in acknowledging our fears in an intimate and safe way can we begin to move towards collective social change.

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