The Hand Drive is a 3D printed wheelchair attachment that can be attached to any wheelchair which allows it to be powered in a rowing motion. This motion is better for your back, as it uses bigger muscle groups, its more efficient for your body, and it keeps your hands cleaner. Traditionally levered powered wheelchairs come as an all inclusive kit, meaning they are built into the chair, and because of this they cost anywhere from $2,000-$10,000, but because our Hand Drive Wheelchair Attachment is almost entirely 3D printed and completely open source, ours costs less than 1% of the cost compared to the competitors on the market. The Hand Drive was a finalist in the Hackaday Prize Best Product Competition and was exhibited at the 3D Printing the Future show at MoDA (Museum of Design of Atlanta). It was included at the White House Science Fair in 2015 and featured in Wired Magazine.
See how it works here:
Hear about our process here:
See how we designed it here:
See it in action here:

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