Hinduism is one of the oldest religions on the planet. In Hinduism, they believe that the soul is the essence of a living being, and that every living creature on the planet has a soul. Chakras are said to be the body’s centers, and energy points. Each chakra has an emotion and color associated with it. It is believed that when meditating, if you sit with your chakras aligned, it will help you reach deeper levels of meditation.

Hinduism and Chakras inspired me for this fashion piece. I wanted to create a piece exaggerating the concept of chakras and their biometric interaction with humans. This fashion piece consists of seven chakras aligned on the body, with the top most being the crown chakra, in the form of a headpiece. The crown chakra is said to be the essence of the soul, and is certainly the essence of this piece. 

This fashion piece is lined with laser cut chakras connected with draping chains along the body, leading up to the crown chakra. The crown chakra is in the form of a laser cut plywood headpiece, lined with LED lights. The LED lights attach to the hand piece, which houses a pulse sensor, picking up the heart beat of it’s wearer, pulsing with the wearers heartbeat. 

This piece is made out of laser cut plywood, chain, LED lights and an Arduino, and was designed using Arduino, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Rhino. 

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